Sunday, January 13, 2008

porter taft

porter taft... he's doing good. just took him to get circumsized, poor guy.. and for his 1 month appt. he was 7.14 and 21 1/2 inches long. he's doing good.. still a little yellow eyes, but off the billy blankt and everything. the fact tha i'm writing this at 1:30 am tells you he is a stinker sleeper at night.. he likes to sleep durig the day though-actually he sleep good at night if glen is here and could get up with him, but like during the week he's a stinker, and tonight glen is gone on his ride around, so of course, he's gonna be up all night.. oh well :) good thing we love him..
most people say he looks like me.. mom thinks he looks like seth..hopefully that goes away :)
love ya bro..
hope everyone is doing good. i'll trytodo better on this...

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Nater said...

Sooo please disregard my e-mail. I guess I should have checked the blog before I asked you to post. These are great pictures!!!! What a good lookin fam.

Love ya!!