Thursday, March 29, 2007


ok.. so it's been awhile and i have tons of picts from the last trip-i'll just put a few, if anybody is interested in more of anything specific then i can put them on, or maybe i'll just upload an album, that might be easier..anyways.. so i think we are set for lagoon the 13th and 14th of july and then we and whoever else is planning on it can head back to the peterson reunion for a few days.. i did check prices for lagoon but it was a few days ago and now i can't remember:) but.. it seemed like we could get a group rate if i remember right which was like 28 for adults 21 kids or something.. but i couldn't see anything about the bounce back so.. we may want to do the zoo the 2nd day or look into some other options up there.. i'd like to do both days, the water part was really fun too, but not sure if i want to pay full price for both days??? what does everyone else think? maybe everyone could keep eyes open for coupons too!!!
ok never mind on the picts, i guess 5 is the max.. more to come. love ya all

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