Sunday, March 25, 2007

2007 Spring Break

So I had to share a picture of Cobys head for all of you who missed it at its prime. Also, CM hasn't seen the new sand box or garden so here you go. Thanks everyone we had a great time. We went down to watch the boys fish and when we were almost to the river we saw Bridger running to catch us. I loved his outfit!!! Sweatshirt, socks (no shoes), jogging pants, and goggles. Bridger you rock!!. See you again soon.

Nate, Cindy, & Kaitlyn


CM said...

What in the world happened to Coby's head?

Nater said...

We put a big black tube in the sandbox for the kids to climb through. Coby thought it would be cool to unbarry it and get in it. He stood it up and while inside tipped over and hit his head on the side of the new garden. :)