Tuesday, January 30, 2007

hi everyone.. using this instead of email since i'm hear.. liking the videos-hayli watched kaitlyn in the snow and the birthday song like 10 times today.. corri or bert.. wondering if it wasnt' to big of deal if you could have some of the boys sing the abc song or something and put it on there. she would love that... thanks..
nate.. i need dates on two picts sometime-no rush- they are of lincoln and kaitlyn, one both in yellow lincoln is hugging her, the other on the table in the kithcen at moms, lincoln is sleeping.. like april/mayish.. but they are from your camera.. when you get a chance.. thanks..

oh corri.. what's the game plan for lagoon, we are in :)

hi seth & randi.. hows the family... not sure if you guys check this....
cm.. got your envelope.. thank you...
hi mom and dad-see you over presidents day probably...

love ya all-pictures soon :)


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